Doctoral Seminars: Stanley Fish and the Role of Rhetoric; Critical Theory; Ideology and Rhetoric; Alterity and the Politics of Difference; Rhetorics, Poetics, and the Future of English Studies; Cultural Studies and Postcolonial Theory; Postcolonial Theory; Ethics in Reading, Writing, and Pedagogy; Culture and Literacy; Rhetoric, Cultural Studies, and Composition Theory; Philosophy, Literary Criticism, and Composition Theory; The Politics of Literacy; Marxism, Feminism, and Social Construction; Recent Developments in Composition Theory; Theory and Research in Rhetoric and Composition; Theories of Writing.

Graduate Courses: Introduction to Critical and Cultural Theory; Professional Seminar; Survey of Composition Theory; Scholarly Writing for Publication; Composition Theory; Composition Research; Scholarly Research and Inquiry in Composi­tion; Problems in College English Instruction; Theory and Development of Writing Programs; Teaching Business Writing.

Undergraduate Courses: British Novel through Hardy; British and American Literature by Women; African American Literature by Woman; British Literature Survey; Cultural Studies and the Popular Arts; Advanced Composition; Advanced Technical Writing; Technical Writing; Professional Writing; Expository Writing; First-Year English.

Doctoral Dissertations
Co-Director, “The Discourse of Terrorism,” Teresa Grettano, present.

Member, “Listening to Haunted Identities: A Pedagogy of Mourning for Rhetorical Education,” Shelly DeBlasis, 2011.

Member, “A Counterhistory of Process: Unsettling the Moral Economy of Rhetoric
and Composition Studies,” K. Andrew Jensen, 2009.

Member, “Hegemony Construction and Maintenance in Reality Television,”
Liz Zoelner, 2008.

Member, “Net/Work: Composing the Posthuman Self,” Julia L. Mason, 2008.

Director, “Identity Politics: Postcolonial Theory and Writing Instruction,”
Toni Francis, 2007.

Member, “Moving Thumos: Emotion, Image, and the Enthymeme,” Eric Mason, 2007.

Member, “Honor—A Double-Edged Sword: An Examination of the South’s ‘Culture of Honor’ Wounding of Two Races.” Vernetta Williams, 2007.

Director, “A Discourse Concerning Two New Compositions,” Stanley Harrison, 2005.

Member, “Reconstructing Writer Identities, Student Identities, Teacher Identities and Gender Identities,” Peiling Zhao, 2005.

Member, “Investigating Affective Dimensions of Whiteness in the Cultural Studies Writing Classroom: Toward a Critical, Feminist, Anti-Racist Pedagogy,” Allison Brimmer, 2005.

Member, “Pretty is as Pretty Does: Ruby McCollum and the Rhetorical Politics of Silence in the South,” Tammy Evans, 2004.

Member, “Institutionalized on the Margins: An Organizational History of the Preparation of Teachers of College Composition,” Gregory Giberson, 2004.

Director, “Composing the Rhetorics of Race: A Cultural Study,” Judy Isaksen, 2003.

Member, “Composing an Economy of Meaning: Rhetorics of Experience in Composition Studies,” Colleen Connolly, 2003.

Director, “Cultural Studies and Feminist Theory in Composition,” Merry Perry, 2002.

Director, “Francis Bacon and the Development of the Essay,” Deborah Noonan, 2002.

Member, “Heteronormativity in Composition Studies,” Thomas Peele, 2002.

Director, “Resistances and Growth: Critical Literacy and Psychoanalysis in Composition Communities,” Sophronia Grantham, 2000.

Director, “Moving Beyond Academic Discourse: Composition Studies and Public Spheres,” Christian Weisser, 1999.

Director, “Redefining the Rhetorical Tradition: Feminist Sophistics, Cultural Studies, and Composition,” Andrea Greenbaum, 1999.

Director, “Teaching Resistance in Composition: Culture, Ideology, and Rhetoric,”
J. Hardin, 1999.

Director, “A Composition of Difference: Toward a Multicritical Rhetoric,”
Thomas West, 1999.

Director, “A Disciplined Body of Knowledge: The State of Composition Studies,”
R. Sanchez, 1997.

Director, “Five Questions for Writing Programs in the Information Age,”
Todd Taylor, 1997.

Director, “Reenvisioning Composition’s Radical Scholarship: Ideology, Disciplinarity, and Feminist Standpoint Theory,” Julie Drew, 1997.

Director, “Teaching to Hybridity: Beyond a Pedagogy of the Oppressed,”
Steven Brown, 1997.

Member, “Composition’s Knowledge-Makers: The Next Generation,” Linda Sarbo, 1996.

Director, “The Quantum of Gender-Free Language: Breaking the Double-Bind of the Rhetoric and Ideology of Sexist Language,” Fran Schattenberg, 1995.

Director, “Balance and Tension: Connections Between Contemporary Composition Theory and Pedagogy,” Sidney Dobrin, 1995.

Director, “Composition in the Feminine,” Lynda Haas, 1994.

Director, “Voices: Navigating, Combining, and Constructing,” Lizbeth Bryant, 1994.

Director, “Discourse and Authority: The Teacher’s Role in the Writing Class,”
Xin Liu, 1994.

Director, “Sociocomposition: Academic Discourse and the Culture of Exclusion,”
E. Allison, 1993.

Member, “Conversational Maxims and the Effect of Defamiliarization in Literature,”
Yanhua Xun, 1993.

Director, “Toward a Dialogic Pedagogy: An Interactive Model of Composition,”
I. Gale, 1992.

Director, “Literacy as Social Exchange: The Influence of Class, Gender, and Culture on Academic Discourse,” Maureen Hourigan, 1992.

Director, “Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Possibility of Justice,” Fredric Gale, 1992.

Director, “Japanese and American Rhetoric: A Contrastive Study of the Invention Process,” Gay Claiborne, 1992.

Director, “Collaborative Learning in Composition: Gender and Ideology,”
E. Ashton-Jones, 1989.